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In 2019, we partnered with Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to build 414 new homes for families living with low income in various communities across Canada. In 2020 despite the COVID crisis, we were able to complete 100 new homes and start the building of 116 homes! This year, in our final year of partnership with the support of you and CMHC we intend on hitting our goal by building 155 homes in 2021. You can help us raise 80% of the funding needed and CMHC will provide the remaining 20%.

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You’ll help people like David, Myriam, Santhiago and Tathiana

A family of four who moved here from Colombia to start a better life for themselves but were living in a shared home with extended family and very little privacy. Now, in their new home, they enjoy privacy and the stability.

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When you give today, you'll help us raise the 80% of building costs for 155 homes this year!

You plus CMHC equals 155 homes
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You’ll help people like Tracy, Carol-Anne and Riddley

A mother, grandmother and daughter who used to live in a crowded two-bedroom mobile home in need of major repairs. Now, Tracy and her family live in a home that feels secure and the ability to build life-long friends in a community.

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Did you know?

Habitat for Humanity Canada is looking forward to the continued collaboration with CMHC in the coming years. As part of this growing partnership, you may also have heard the announcement in December about the government's additional investment of $20 million to create 200 new homeownership opportunities for Black families across our country. Historically, Black Canadians have been disproportionately disadvantaged due to systemic racism and both CMHC and Habitat Canada are committed to addressing this discrepancy by creating homeownership opportunities across the country for Black Canadians. Of those 200 homes, 40 will be started this year.