Habitat for Humanity Canada Gift Catalogue

Habitat for Humanity Canada Gift Catalog

Your Impact

We rely on gifts from individuals like you, corporations and other groups to help families in need of decent and affordable homes in Canada and around the world. All donations of any amount are deeply appreciated.

Donations may be designated to local Habitats across Canada for homebuilding projects, international building programs, or our Indigenous Housing Partnership. Undesignated gifts will be directed wherever they will have the greatest impact. Sometimes this means they are used to help us build capacity within Habitat Canada so that we are able to better support local Habitats, raise more money, and in turn, support an even greater number of families across Canada and through our international programs.

How It Works

Choose from over 20 meaningful gifts to help provide stability and security through affordable housing. Gifts like home, construction essentials to materials supporting our projects all over the world.

The Habitat for Humanity Canada Gift Catalogue offers symbolic gifts that will be used towards the costs of homebuilding across Canada. When you purchase gifts from the catalogue, you are empowering families across Canada with the security, stability and safety that comes from an affordable home.


Choose unique symbolic gifts or card in honour of someone special.

You can browse the catalogue to find that special symbolic gift that will bring a smile to your honoree.


Select a Special E-Card for the occasion.

Pick from a selection of Holiday, Christmas and other E-cards, to let your honoree know that you are making a caring gift in their honour. Each time you add a symbolic gift, you have the option of sending a FREE E-card for your friend or family member. Your recipient will instantly be sent an eCard with your personal message.


Make your donation and help change lives.

Your gift will let that special someone in your life know that a gift has been made in their honour with a symbolic gift that will not only warm hearts but serve families in urgent housing need. Your donation will also be accompanied by a tax receipt.