Your Impact

By supporting the every one build, you are supporting our home building projects across Canada.

Last year, 267 low-income working families (over 1,000 people) became new homeowners in 2019 by partnering with Habitat for Humanity Canada. In addition to approximately 2,440 Canadian families who continued to benefit from their Habitat partnership, paying down their Habitat mortgage with affordable, geared-to-income payments. With almost 7,000 youth, including Indigenous youth, and over 39,000 volunteers, we have been able to build skills and build homes. But this would not have been possible without the tremendous support we receive from corporations, volunteers and community members. And now we are asking for you to stand by us and continue the impact you've always made.


Help us build more homes this year by making a donation and rallying other people to join!


Our goal is to raise $400,000 to build safe and decent homes for families. Here are some of the materials and labour work that will go into it.

To get the house started, $15,000 is required to build the foundation.

$25,000 to finish all the house framing including the interior stairs and floor system

We’re ready to get that wall up, are you?

Exterior windows and doors will require $3,000.

Thanks to our partners, we are able to improve the sustainability of these homes by installing high quality energy efficient windows. Did you know these windows can reduce residential heating and cooling energy by 25%!

We need $5,000 to get the roofing system and shingles installed

To also ensure it’s a comfortable, healthy and warm home, we need $2,000 for insulation

$10,000 is the cost of plumbing fixtures and $6,000 for the heating system along with supplies and installation

And another $10,000 for painting, flooring, landscaping and finishing

Let’s get the drywall installed. $9,000 is needed for all drywall supplies and installation

Building homes in Canada is costly and can vary from one region to another. But with your support we can cover all these materials and provide more families with affordable homes and a better future.