Parents should not have to choose between housing and their children’s future.

Help families build a safe and healthy home and you can help children thrive this school year!

Pencil cases, notebooks, and back-to-school shopping are top of mind for many parents right now. But when a family is living in a mold-infested house or an unsafe neighbourhood, it’s hard for them to focus on their children’s education and it’s even harder for kids to thrive at school when their homes are making them feel sick or unsafe.

Zach, Tamara, and their parents Shane and Laura, were living in a dire situation.

“We were renting. It was very small, no basement, no storage, falling apart…we were there quite a while. And that house it affected my kids’ health so bad. There was mold everywhere. We had problems with mice getting into the house,” Shane explained to us.

Your gift today can help children like Zach and Tamara have less sick days and more straight A’s this school year!

A safe and stable home means children can thrive and reach towards their full potential. Shane and Laura have seen a remarkable change in their kids.

The family's house under construction, thanks to donors like you

The family has never been happier and healthier.

Tamara’s grades improved thanks to the security and stability provided by her family’s new Habitat home

"Our Habitat home provides peace of mind and the kids are thriving"

Zach, Tamara, and their parents Shane and Laura, were living in a dire situation.

Zach was suffering from respiratory issues due to the mold. And both children, but Tamara in particular, were facing challenges at school. The family felt overwhelmed - and couldn’t see how they would ever offer their family a better home and a brighter future.

But caring Canadians came together to help the family, just like you can do for another family today. Shane and Laura were accepted to become Habitat homeowners! After working hard to fulfill their required 500 volunteer hours, they purchased their Habitat home with a mortgage geared towards their income.

Less stress, less sickness, more friends, better grades: these are just some of the benefits your gift will give kids. Please give generously today so that other Canadian children can have a safe and stable home where they can thrive and reach towards their full potential.

“We always had a fear that we couldn’t give them what they needed for their education. We now have peace of mind… the kids are thriving.”
- Shane and Laura