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In each home your donation helps build, Whirlpool Canada will donate a stove and a fridge, increasing the benefit each family receives. You will be providing working families in need of decent housing with the opportunity to purchase their own Habitat home, where they will volunteer up to 500 hours and pay an interest-free mortgage geared to their income. With donated materials like a fridge and stove, families are able to spend more time cooking healthy meals together at home.

Imagine this: your toddler is constantly sick with respiratory infection after respiratory infection. You suspect it’s from the black mold in your bathroom and believe that the crumbling walls aren’t helping. Yet this apartment is all you can afford at the time. You’re a single working mom of a toddler… you’re on your own.

This was Lyndsay and her son Riley’s life before Habitat. But one day their life changed. Incredible donors like you helped Lyndsay achieve the unimaginable, as she purchased and moved into her own house. A safe house. A clean house. A house where her son can grow up healthy and hope can blossom. A Habitat home.

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"A home that feels secure and the ability to build life-long friendships in a community. That’s the only thing that I’ve ever wanted to give my son…"

Moving into a Habitat home has changed their lives. Lyndsay has an incredible feeling of accomplishment as she has worked hard to help build their home. Riley, now 6 years old, has seen their house being built, and watched how his mother has strived to provide them with a place of their own that they can be proud of. And he knows that people like you helped do this out of the goodness of their hearts!

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We are ready and eager to spring into action with support from donors like you and partners like Whirlpool Canada to help even more families in your community and across the country. Please make a generous donation and help Habitat spring into action today.

We rely heavily on donors like you, as well as corporations who donate materials, to make the dream of owning a stable home a reality for families in need of housing. Our generous partner Whirlpool Canada has been a strong believer in the transformative power of Habitat homes for the past 20 years. In each house your donation helps build, they will donate a refrigerator and a stove, increasing the benefit each family receives.

Every dollar you contribute will go toward our goal of helping 242 low-income, working families across Canada become Habitat homeowners in 2019.

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